Chalet Bélier

Project Case Study: Redefining the Visual Identity of Chalet Bélier


We undertook the task of rebranding Chalet Bélier, a conceptual traditional luxury chalet in need of a fresh and elegant brand identity. Inspired by its traditional luxury styling, we decided to adopt a naming convention based on animals, resulting in the name "Bélier," meaning "ram" in French. This name evokes a sense of strength and grace that perfectly aligns with the chalet's characteristics. Building upon this new name, we developed a logo concept that elegantly symbolizes the ram, incorporating a touch of rustic charm and opulence.


Creating a Design System

Before approaching a redesign we needed to define our style guide to exist as a unified design language. After creating our new design language we were about to build out cross functional UI components.

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component library

Logo Design

The logo design concept for Chalet Bélier embodies the grace and grandeur of a ram in a refined and sophisticated manner. The ram's head is elegantly portrayed, exuding a sense of strength and majesty. The use of bronze overlay adds a touch of rustic appeal, while still maintaining an air of luxury. The logo concept is presented in a modern sans serif typography, which balances the traditional and contemporary aspects of the brand.

Color Palette

The carefully selected color palette concept for Chalet Bélier reflects the desired elegance and luxury of the brand. Bronze, a rich and timeless hue, forms the foundation of the color palette, exuding a sense of warmth and sophistication. White is incorporated as a complementary color, providing a clean and timeless background that enhances the logo's prominence and legibility.

Brand Collaterals

To ensure consistency and cohesiveness across various touchpoints, a range of brand collaterals were developed. Envelopes, business cards, and letterhead were meticulously designed, featuring the refined logo and adhering to the bronze and white color palette. The brand collaterals follow a minimalistic and clean design approach, showcasing the luxurious brand identity and appealing to the high-end clientele. In addition, the chalet's van, umbrella, and pen were branded to further reinforce the cohesive visual language and extend the brand's reach.

Result and Impact

The rebranded identity of Chalet Bélier successfully captures the chalet's elegance and luxury. The new name, inspired by the ram, imbues the brand with a sense of strength and grace. The logo concept, featuring the refined ram's head with a bronze overlay, strikes a balance between rustic charm and opulence. The color palette concept of bronze and white enhances the brand's sophistication and timelessness. The brand collaterals, including envelopes, business cards, and letterhead, reflect a minimalistic and clean aesthetic that resonates with the discerning taste of high-end clientele.


Through the rebranding efforts, Chalet Bélier has undergone a transformative journey, embodying elegance and luxury in its new brand identity. The logo concept, inspired by the ram, symbolizes strength and grace, while the color palette of bronze and white exudes sophistication. The brand collaterals, including envelopes, business cards, and letterhead, convey a minimalist and clean design that showcases the luxurious appeal of Chalet Bélier. As a result, the rebranded identity successfully positions Chalet Bélier as a premier destination for discerning individuals seeking an exquisite and refined luxury chalet experience.

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